Thursday, December 24, 2009


I woke up today feeling great. I wasn't thinking about all the tiny things I'd like to change. Aren't the imperfections what make There are some people who can't stand these imperfections and go the plastic surgery route. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, as I always say (I never say that). I'm not really sure about Islam's stance on plastic surgery, but I hear cosmetic surgery is haram. I would personally never do it, but I do know a sister that has. She was getting a lot of crap for it. She wasn't all of a sudden flaunting her stuff, she was still the same modest person. I don't think anyone should judge because only the person and Allah(swt) know their true intentions.

Every place has their own standards of beauty, but everyone's beautiful in their own way.

Here are some well known beauties.
L to R: Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai, Ziyi Zhang, Halle Berry

And here are everyday beauties.

note to self: learn how to put pictures in a layout that isn't hideous.

I think that's about as insightful as it gets from my end, so have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. "aren't the imperfections what makes"
    Thats awesome! and your right I dont think we have the right to judge anyone no matter what they do because its not out place. I know i wouldn't like it if people judged me so why should i do to others what i dont want done to myself.

  2. Great post! I love your everyday beauties.

  3. @Amira, couldn't agree more.
    @Mona, thanks and my favorite is the older woman in red.

  4. Yes imperfections make us us. and your everyday beauties are great. But why is the little kid near a scary mask?